Polar Feet® Socks & Slippers — Fleece Socks



Have you tried fleece socks? Everyone knows the benefits of wearing fleece: it wicks moisture away from your skin, dries quickly, and is significantly warmer than wool (and isn't scratchy) without the weight. So why not wear this terrific fabric on your feet, too?! Polar Feet® fleece socks are made with a mid-weight, custom-made fleece--so you can wear them in your regular shoes--and keep your feet warm and dry. No uncomfortable seams digging into your toes. Enough elasticity so the socks stay up without cutting off your circulation. You will fall in love with Polar Feet® fleece socks.

Polar Feet® fleece socks won't shrink, fade, matt or pill. Choose regular or nonskid sole. Easy care--just throw in the washer and dryer.

Made in Canada.  

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