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Cross Border Collaboration: Socks and Sandals

This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Luna Sandals and Polar Feet® are working together to bring you the ultimate Tabi sock! Recognize the guy in the photo? That's the guy that put barefoot running on the map--yep--it's Barefoot Ted himself wearing his company's amazing adventure sandals with his favorite new socks, Polar Feet® Tabi socks. So far we're just so excited to have put the two together...such a great combo! But we're putting our heads together too and are going to develop an awesome co-branded Tabi sock that will TAKE OVER THE WORLD!! Ahem...okay...that will be environmentally friendly, made in Canada, stand out in a crowd, keep you warm and TAKE OVER THE WORLD!! Yeah, we're that excited. Stay tuned!