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Say "bye-bye" to uncomfortable socks and slippers.
And "Hello Beautiful!" to Polar Feet! 
Polar Feet means comfort, coziness, softness, durability...and a little fun colour to make you smile. What's our secret? Fleece--custom made, cut and sewn with flat seams. You're in for a treat!
No more purple rings around your calves, no more blisters on your toes, no more itching...just pure happy feet comfort! Our socks are for wearing every day, for any sport, for a better sleep. We have socks with grippers, flipflop socks to wear with sandals, really big socks for big guys, kids' socks, and super stretchy socks for people with extra wide feet or circulation problems.
And our slippers! Heaven. Check out our customer reviews...
We're serious about quality, durability, value and happy customers. For 19 years now we've been putting our best footwear out there...we must be getting a lot right!

Women's Perfect Mocs™

Men's Slippers

Men's 16-17

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