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What a summer!

Posted by Lisa Falconer on

What a summer! Here in Vancouver, BC we have been enjoying an extraordinary stretch of clear and sunny days. Just a couple of weeks ago, on July 29th, it was the hottest day ever recorded in Vancouver at 33.8° C! A glorious summer! And we have been out there, making the most of it, hiking, biking, boating, kayaking and camping.

Just last weekend we went on a "beer walk" to check out all the new craft breweries in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. It was baking hot and I have to admit that I did not wear my PF socks. BUT my dear (and possibly slightly crazy) husband, whom I will just identify by his first initial "J" so as to spare him at least a little bit of embarrassment, was absolutely determined and could not be persuaded that it was "too hot" to wear Polar Feet socks.

And although I did think it was just a wee bit bonkers, I have to admit that he got lots of glances and smiles, and quite a few compliments on his "cool socks". People say that Vancouver can be a tough city in which to meet new people. I know now, though, that those people have never walked around town on a super hot summer day wearing extremely colourful fleece socks. You talk to a lot of new folks that way.

So the headline of the story could be: Polar Feet Fleece Socks Cure Loneliness!

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