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Fundraising with Polar Feet!

We would love to help you reach your fundraising goals.

Is your organization looking for a high quality, high value product to sell?

Look no further! Polar Feet products almost sell themselves and will generate significant revenue for your group or team. It's easy to promote a product that is both fun and has long-term value and durability. Plus, we offer a generous return per unit sold to help you meet your revenue goals very quickly. 

How it Works...

  1. Polar Feet will provide you with a pdf e-brochure to help get the word out to your community. You set the opening and closing dates (we suggest about 10 days to 2 weeks) and let your community know about the fundraising drive. We give you a unique code for your supporters to enter at checkout that will indicate that an order has been made in support of your fundraiser. 
  2. Your supporters simply go to and shop as usual. They enter your code at checkout in order to show that the purchase has been made in support of your organization and to get FREE SHIPPING. 
  3. We pack each order individually and consolidate into one big box. Once all the orders are in, and the closing date has passed, we send it to your coordinator to be distributed to your supporters. 

What are the profit margins? 

You keep 25% of sales which will be transferred to you at the close of the event. So, for example, if someone buys a pair of socks for $20, we send you $5. If they buy a pair of slippers you still get 25% of the sale! Polar Feet will cover the credit card fees, and you get FREE SHIPPING if your organization's total order is over $1000. 

Is there a minimum order? 

No--but if you sell more than $1000 shipping is on us! 

Are there any products that are not included? 

Nope! And that's great news for your organization and your supporters because we have a wide range of prices and some very affordable products such as neck warmers and headbands that are great for any budget. 

How soon will our order ship? 

Once the sale has concluded, we can usually ship the next day because everything is already individually packaged, paid for, and ready to go. Your order will arrive in 5-10 days once shipped. 


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