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Polar Feet Men's Perfect Mocs - Lumberjack

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We've done extensive testing of these slippers on REAL MEN and they all get this kind of happy dreamy look on their face when they slip on a pair of our Perfect Mocs. "Oh," they say, "these feel amazing!"

You could tell them that Polar Feet Perfect Mocs have two layers of soft fleece to wick away moisture and keep their toes warm. And that as well as memory foam to cushion the whole length of their feet there is an additional 5mm of EVA foam under the heel. And that the all natural suede outsole provides nonskid traction on any floor surface, and that it's super durable and water-proof too. A suede mud guard protects the sides from scuffs and it's all double stitched. They might be impressed with all that techical stuff--or, then again, they just might be too comfortable to care.

Washer & dryer safe. Imported.