FAQs – Polar Feet® Ltd
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Where are you located? 

Polar Feet is based in Vancouver, BC. We ship anywhere in the world. 

Where do you ship from? 

We pack and ship in Vancouver, BC. US/International orders are then taken next morning to Blaine, WA and given to USPS. We have a NY returns address for our US customers. 

Are my Polar Feet washable?

Yes, all of our products are washer and dryer safe. You can wash all our fleece products (socks, neck warmers, mittens, headbands) on warm or cold, and dry on warm (or cold). Slippers can be washed warm and dried cool. 

Are all your socks the same thickness? 

No, there is a range of thickness. The "thinnest" is Purple Rain and the thickest is Supersoft Black and Supersoft Cream. All our prints are just a little thicker than Purple Rain (Jellybean, Jazz, Highlander, Lumberjack, Deco, Kaleidoscope, Snow Leopard, Ripple, Snow, Nordic, Polar Bear, Blue Argyle, Domino, Black, Zig Zag, Smarties). Then just a bit thicker again is Denim and Soft Grey. The thickest are the Supersoft socks. 

Another way to look at it is by what kind of footwear is compatible with the different styles. So Purple Rain and our colorful prints--you can wear in any kind of shoes--the thickness is similar to a gym sock. Denim and Soft Grey work in runners or workboots or hiking boots. The two supersoft colors (Black and Cream) may be a little too thick to wear with most shoes but are awesome for lounging or wearing to bed as well as most boots. 

What is your fleece made of? 

All custom-made fleece is 100% polyester. It is hypoallergenic, vegan, color-fast and will not shrink, mat or pill. 

Our Super Stretchy fleece is also 100% polyester with 5% Spandex. 

Slippers are made with polyester fabric/fleece as well and the soles and side panels are natural suede. The inner sole is EVA memory foam. 

Why don't your Camp Booties have hard soles? 

They are intended to be worn mostly indoors with the occasional foray to the outdoors. They are not suitable for wet conditions but they are great in dry cold conditions. They do not have hard soles with grips so that they do not track in snow if worn outside. 

Do you have children's mittens? 

No, but our adult small fit most youth. Please check the hand measurements on the mittens page.