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    Love the new fleece patterns and my Snugs are very snuggly warm...
    can't wait to wear them around the house this winter.

    Thank you so very much!!! I LOVE my socks I got today!!!
    I will be recommending your website to EVERYONE I know!!!!

     My 3 yr old niece loves her softsider slippers so much that she insists on wearing them to bed! Leah

    We LOVE our stroller blanket so much…what a difference it makes! Liam is so cozy and warm and comfortable in his stroller. We have also used it on his carseat and wrapped around us while walking. I would highly recommend this blanket to anyone who is trying to find a solution for keeping their little ones warm in their stroller. Our blanket was stolen and I have immediately ordered a 2nd one…I assume it is the mail now and we miss it so much!!

    And I have to add…I wanted to have an adjustment made to my order. Sent an email to Lisa at Polar Feet about it and she was more than happy to accommodate my requiest and adjust my bill. She was wonderful to correspond with. Even through email, I felt I received great service and was a valued customer. I look forward to using more of their products once we live in BC again! Thank you Lisa and Polar Feet!!



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    As Halloween draws closer I've been reminiscing about Halloweens past while I look forward to seeing my niece and nephew head out to go trick-or-treating. Here in Vancouver, it seems to rain pretty much every year. It's perfect, really. The wind lashing the trees, leaves blowing here and there. It's dark early enough that the house lights glow invitingly. Lots of people go all out decorating with pumpkins, skeletons, and gravestones and the streets are busy with cute little monsters and fairy princesses. "Trick or treat! Trick or treat!" 

    Growing up in Edmonton and then Calgary it was either pretty chilly out or downright freezing, if not snowing. We didn't care--we had our pillow case candy bags gripped firmly in our little freezing hands--and we stumble ran from house to house--crazy happy and excited. 

    This year I'm going to give my niece and nephew some fleece socks to wear either as part of their costume or underneath. I think the Zigzag socks would look great on a little witch or sorcerer,...